Welcome to Plated with Style, a Boston-based blog dedicated to eating well and living well! Here you will find mouthwatering recipes, restaurant write-ups, travel stories, and all the fun things in life.

Gotta Eat!

My name is Sharon, and I’m here to share with you a journey through food and a little style!

I was raised a Navy brat and had the opportunity to travel the world. I lived in the Philippines, Hawaii, Japan, and the west and east coasts of the US. Most of my teen and twenties were spent in North Florida, Jacksonville and Gainesville. After graduating, I lived in Washington, DC for a few years before heading up to Boston. I have lived here for almost four years, the second longest period I have resided in a city.

Throughout those years, I’ve experienced so much in food culture and learned to cook. Food, travel, photography, and writing sum up my passions and this blog is a reflection of that.

I’d like to think of this as my internet memoir. 🙂


Not long ago, I developed an interest in fitness and healthy cooking. I quickly discovered a new level of culinary creativity and wanted to share my recipes through a blog.

The recipes here are what I consider to be real good food, as in good for your mind and body, and real food meaning fresh and minimally processed.

What you will find here include Filipino food, meatballs, steak, stews, roasts, BBQ, crab cakes, fish, vegetable stir fry, salads, cheese, butter, rice, potatoes, eggs, and so much more.

I don’t like cauliflower rice, spaghetti squash, and tofu. 🙂



The Boston area is a thriving scene for restaurant and bars! It doesn’t take long for one to be fascinated by what the city has to offer. There are so many fabulous venues for food and drink and places that stem a variety of stories and joy. It’s inspiring for a food lover to tell their story and share the excitement.

Most of my restaurant write-ups are in the Boston area though I do like to feature some on my travels. Seafood places are my favorite!



I love traveling and experiencing new cultures, especially food culture! My dad was in the military, so we moved around a lot. Travel is natural to me, and I often make trips both domestic and international for temporary means of escape. I’m not one for tourist traps or even toured guides. I’d rather take the adventure into my hands. See where I’ve been. My favorite places are Japan and the Pacific Northwest.


Food, life, and everything fun! I am glad to have you here and hope there is something here you may enjoy! Feel free to contact me or connect with me on Instagram or Twitter!